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The Douglas Dig

10 years ago I bought an old bungalow which needed much renovations to the property and the land.  Lets just say that mother nature had got the better of it.


My Brother, Marcus, set to clearing the land. He was working clearing a piece of land where an old shed once sat. The more he dug the more he thought the soil looked a little discoloured, so he dug further down intrigued as to what he may find.


First he noticed rusty metal parts then he realised that it resembled a wheel rim. It then became a bit of a game having a guess as to what the wheel was off. A little more was uncovered and it became clear that it was a motorcyle.  The frame the tank the other wheel was uncovered then came the real clue; a large fly wheel.  The dig then became a little more like an excavation. once everything was exposed as well as it could be it turned out to be a Douglas.  As it happened we too had a Douglas in the garage bearing the same characteristics.


a 1914 350 cc.


This was quite an ironic find as this is my hobby and my business.

The Douglas was removed and placed in my workshop where it still stands today. It has recieved lots of interest, including the family of the man who burried it in the garden. 


However I can fairly say that it is a little too far gone for it to be restored?


Model 90 Sunbeam


I have owned this Sunbeam now for the best part of 14 years. The Bike is A 1928 Model 90 and was first registered in January 1929. It spent the first years of its life competing.


I have completed many runs and entered her into quite a few shows. The last one being; VMCC flat tank and girder fork run. Starting off in Goognargh Preston Lancashire, then a nice jaunt through the Trough of Bowland.  Well to be honest you cant really call it a jaunt these days. The roads are not forgiving on us old men on old machines!


This bike was raced in the 1928 senior amateur TT by G.L.Emery of Southport and achieved third place, this is Gilbert Emerys best ever island race and never again did he gain third place. After the race it was bough by Tommy Hodgson, an AA patrol man who put lights on it and used the bike on the road.


She has spent the majority of her life living around the Yorkshie area until residing in Lancashire with me.


There is so much detailed history attatched to this bike, via letters and personal research, thus making this bike such a pleasure to own.


I purchased it off a gentleman who had owned the bike for 40 years.  This lovely man is now a very dear friend of mine.


I managed to retrieve some pictures from; Still Time Collection, who had pictures stored deep in thier archives.  So for a small fee they forwarded the pictures on to me.


The Model 90 was an over the counter road racing bike of the day, but was only sold to the "selected" few.  These bike was predicted to reach speeds of 90 mph, hence the name Model 90.




BSA 350 Goldstar

This is a BSA Goldstar 350 cuttaway engine.

This engine was originally owned By BSA and used for sales purposes.

It is belived that this is one of two engines that was made.

BSA Goldstar owners club was amazed to hear of it and was pride of place at one of their club stands last year.



C8 Eaves Green

My wife and me went to a vintage show many miles from our home town, Chorley.

Having a mooch on the Bric a Brac stalls we came across this old bus sign.

We then realised: not only did it come from our home town it was the actual bus route my wife took many moons ago.

When we first got married back in the 80s we actually bought our first house on Eaves Green as stated on the bus sign.

Needless to say we paid our £4 and took the sign with us.






Berts Landy

This week I  picked up this lovely Series 111 Diesel

This car has only ever had one owner from new.


On 29-12-1971 Mr Bert Bond Purched it for £1257.40p

from Bambers Motor Cars Southport. The car then remained at Berts home: Hoscar, Lathom, Lancashire. It came with its original handbook and bill of sale. It has also got every MOT from new. Bert also kept a log of any work carried out on his car. He even logged journeys done and miles accrued.


Bert was a very dear friend of ours who we met at Haigh vintage steam rally many moons ago. Sadly Bert has now passed but we remain good friends of his dear wife and beautiful daughter.


Before Bert passed he "gave" this Landy to Ruth, his daughter, but, she has now decided to pass it on to the next custodian. Prior to us picking it up he had been stood semi under cover in a garage.  The elements have got to him a little and therfore needs a little make over and a few new parts are needed, mainly thre bulk head.


Our intention is to Bring "little bert" to a decent standard then he can resume his life in the rally circuit. 

This is one to keep..







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